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I am very grateful to have been working with Riza for the healing of my emotional wounds. It's not only his therapy methods of sensing, constellating and speaking that seem to have a great impact in my process of self-acceptance, but also his approach to the healing process through holding a loving, caring, non-judgmental space for his clients that makes Riza a great facilitator for healing and integration of all our inner parts. I was actually very glad to find out in our sessions that Riza does what I call 'parts work' - welcoming every voice that shows up in my head and helping it relax and release the emotional burdens that it has carried for so long. This welcoming atmosphere that he creates, as well his avoidance of labels or interpretations and his letting the session be guided by what wants to show up in me in the moment and helping that express itself and come into the light is what I actually appreciated so much about his sessions and what I feel truly helps in my healing.

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"Riza is a very sensitive and caring therapist. Always responding to what is needed in each moment. He guided me to a process of letting go and get in touch with deep emotions. If you are stuck in the same story over and over I definitely recommend you to explore Riza's approach. Thank you Riza ;)"


"My journey with Riza has been incredible! I found him by chance, and I felt instantly pulled to contact him and have a session with him. Intuition never lies... I'm so glad I trusted it and had the opportunity to touch parts of my soul that were just waiting for me to reach out. Riza is able to give deep and unconditional presence to emotions and to assist and guide your process in a gentle way by following the flow of the conversation and your body responses. I just loved it. Thanks Riza for your dedication and sensitivity."


I came to the session as I’m currently going through a lot of changes, personally and professionally, and felt a lot of pressure from that. At the beginning Riza helped me to see very clearly what topic was most relevant for me in that specific session.

I loved how tangible the constellation work made the issue I was focussing on and how the session at the end just wrapped up perfectly, addressing exactly the points I had brought up at the start. 

I can highly recommend working with Riza. He guided the whole session in a clear and calm way, bringing me back whenever my attention wandered from what was most important while also being very aware of when I needed more space to feel into an emotion. This allowed me to relax into the process and come out with much greater clarity, feeling like a weight had been lifted off my chest.

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"Riza facilitated family constellations therapy, TRE, and yoga sessions for me. His patience, his listening and adaptation competence makes him a great therapist! 
He helped me a lot to reduce my anxiety and to heal from very emotional events from my past, allowing me to solve conflict with people in the present. I can never thank him enough for what he did for me. 
I can only recommend starting this adventure with him!"

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"My sessions with Riza were dynamic and insightful.  This was my first exposure to TRE, so it should be known that Riza held a safe and warm space for me as I stepped into an area beyond my comfort zone.  I especially want to acknowledge the time and availability Riza offered pre- and post-session to prepare me and to help integrate the experience.  In his facilitation of the TRE sessions, it is clear to me that Riza is working in a realm for which he has a great gift and tremendous passion.  Bravo, Riza!"

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"I contacted Riza because I was interested in Trauma Release Exercises. He gave me two private sessions, and his instruction was clear and helpful.  He was a grounded and accepting teacher. The sessions were a bit intense, and really cool. I could feel long held stress in my life being released. If anyone is thinking of doing a TRE session, I suggest that you contact Riza as he has a kind and gentle presence while also being a good teacher."

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"The session I had with Riza was unexpected and profound. His gentle yet clear and confident approach shined light into and opened up areas shut away that needed expressing and releasing. After the session I felt a clearing of old wounds, a distinct turning point for deeper healing."

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"Dear Riza, 
It was a great pleasure working with you today:
I had a very meaningful session getting in touch with the important persons in my life, and sensing the specific connection with each and every one of them. 
The intuitive way of following the energy of the body and the family constellation made this process both intense and real!
I will very gladly continue to work with this connection and allowing the healing to happen - so thanks again for your valuable guidance!"


Had an AMAZING « Family Constellation » session with Riza in Ubud.
Arrived under stress and with a spine in pain (since 6-8 months).
Left feeling SOOO MUCH lighter, relieved - and to my own surprise: all back pain gone!
Great respectful guidance, sensitive, intuitive and sensible.
VERY highly recommend RIZA’s work!
UBUD ~ Bali
FEB 2020

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