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Based on Conscientious Contribution

I offer my work in exchange for payment through conscientious contribution.

This means that you decide how much to contribute based on what value our work together has for you, your financial circumstances to pay, and also by measuring your overall will and desire to give in return.

To reiterate, giving in accordance to:

1. To what you can afford

2. The value that you feel you get from the session

3. The genuine amount that you would want to give in order to be loving to me and to yourself.

This philosophy can be very difficult to accept and digest because as a society we have a lot of fear about money, expectations, and sincere exchange. We are not accustomed to giving and receiving freely and trustingly without conditions, with an open heart.

On request, I can offer suggestions of what to pay for our work but ultimately I will let you give based on your own free-will. 

I work based on free will and desire, rather than obligation, debt, and burden. It's quite possible that our work together may cover issues of money, and this mode of exchange can bring about deep healing in regards to money and worth issues.

I offer my work purely from a place of desire and passion for healing and sharing rather than only for financial gain. Currently, I believe this to be the most loving and liberating way to share and to contribute my skills, expertise, and energy to my global community.

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