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Alternative steps towards healing


Systems and Family Constellations is a methodology that aims to bring order through acknowledgment what is true and retrieval all the missing parts of a system back into a place of honor and love. Through inclusion of all the parts and/or individuals of a system, perspectives can change, empathy can restore, and loving connection can flow; solutions arise naturally.

Restructuring the parts of a system not only may contribute to the balance and harmony of that entire system as a whole but also simultaneously the inner welfare and harmony of the each individual part.



In the somatic focus of healing, the body acts as a foundation from which we begin to resource to face the challenges of life. As a vessel containing memory of our experience the body is a guide that we can journey with through healing as well as life at large. By approaching a deeper knowledge of the body we simultaneously gain a more intimate understanding of ourselves. By intending to know different aspects of one's self, the healing effect of restored relationship, connection, as well exchange of love can take place between those aspects.

​"That which the mind can delude, the body cannot."



Through spoken word exchange, a solid groundwork of healing can be upheld through trustworthy and reliable partnership within a person-to-person relationship. By simultaneously speaking and being actively listened-to and acknowledged, the blockages consisting of mental, energetic, and emotional material can be brought to awareness and released; restoring flow, relaxation, deeper self-understanding, ease, connection, and love.

Methods: Treatments
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