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Somatic-based Emotional Healing

This is a process that will include you connecting with the felt sense of your body sensations in order to connect more closely and deeeply with your self. You will become more aware of the resources in your body pertaining to your physical sensations, which will then support the process of healing by welcoming pleasure and discharging pain.

If you intend to work on any issues and/or blockages in any facet of your life experience, from a place of being more anchored in your body as resource you can gently and consciously work through difficult sensations and emotions that inhibit flow and cause stagnation in your experience.

This process can make you more open, deep, curious, passionate, and connected with yourself and your emotions. It will improve your confidence in dealing with your internal and external experience with integration, awareness, and resilience.

Somatic-centered emotional healing: About
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