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Facilitating reconnection and wholeness

Do you want to deeply reconnect with yourself and others; to be seen, heard, felt, and understood in your authenticity?

Do you feel beauty and wish to express, channel, and share your vibrant energy more fully?

Or, contrastingly, do you easily experience an intensity of emotion that you would like to regulate and contain with more ease; feeling a level of familiarity and reassuring equanimity facing a range of challenging inner experience?

Are you feeling lonely, empty, disconnected, or isolated from yourself and others? Do you wish your life could be filled with more meaning, purpose, and depth of feeling?  Is your daily experience lacking creativity, inspiration, and passion for life? Are you missing a primal, vital component to your life?

I would be honored to help you reconnect. I've been there and I've dedicated the past decade of my life pursuing these questions to get to the root causes of my disconnection, un-fulfillment, and discontentment.

In consultation with you I will help you non-judgmentally explore your specific circumstance and offer empathic witnessing, support, and guidance towards your goals of reconnection and wholeness. My intention is to create a contained empathic space where anything that needs to be acknowledged and expressed can begin to flow and be released.

Your own system of mind, body, and soul holds all the answers to your questions, worries, hopes, and dreams. I will assist you in approaching and befriending your body as an immensely valuable resource for self-discovery, reconnection, and healing on your unique life path. The components of desire, courage, and faith will help you on your first steps of action towards your happiness.

Trained and certified in Systems and Family Constellation work, committed to my own in-depth self development, therapy, and healing within a somatic framework, in addition to a hatha yoga certification and years of training and supervision in Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises, I am eager to share my energy, support, and guidance in consultation with you.

(READ MORE about me on the Riza Sukman page!)

Misty Woodland
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