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Riza Sukman

My approach

I practice and share my own flavour of intuitive and somatic-based healing, derived from the culmination of my learning and healing journey.

The practice is based on the principle of presence through mindful awareness of thoughts, sensations, and emotions. Beginning with a practice of presence the destructive reactive patterns of the human individual may then be observed, known, and transformed. With this simple yet profound intention of presence, destructive thoughts, habits, and emotions can steadily orient towards love; restoring flow, health, and order back into the system.

Incorporating mindfulness and somatically informed methodology to my practice, I am passionate and awestruck by human resilience and capacity to self-heal.

My background

Bringing a deep love for the wisdom of the body and soul, I dedicate my energies to healthy balance, happiness, and love. I have been trained in Systems and Family Constellations in Belgium with Cecilia Altieri. Additionally, I am certified in teaching hatha yoga by the yoga alliance registered teachers Ki McGraw and Bob Smith with the Hatha Yoga Center.

I stepped onto my own healing journey when I began meditating in 2009. The big questions of life, my identity, and purpose posed curiosity in my mind. Meditation reminded me that the most important intention, action, and substance in life is love. I realised the great value of connection to oneself, family, community, world, universe, and higher power/god. From this place I share with myself and others on this journey of life.

Riza Sukman: About
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